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City Market Real Estate was founded in 2009 by Elad Tzabari. We work with hundreds of properties in Tel Aviv, with a focus on the Old North and the City Center. City Market has grown tremendously within a few short years, and has a reliable team of solid and professional agents. Our team knows every aspect of the city, and the real estate market in each area.

Our Services Include:

Rental and sale of assets in Tel AvivProperty managementApartment renovation and preparation for rent

Rental and Sale of AssetsCity Market specializes in mediating the leasing and sale of properties in Tel Aviv. This is a young and dynamic company with experience that fosters skilled, reliable, professional, and qualified real estate agents. We sell/rent apartments of all types: luxury apartments, garden apartments, duplexes, luxury towers, and more.

Tel Aviv is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, and the level of demand exceeds supply. Urban areas attract a wide array of clients. Therefore, we provide a full service for our clients based on their specific needs and wants, including building amenities, proximity to parks, the beach, the main exit from the city, recreation centers, theaters, schools, and more.

Property Management

When it comes to property management, we are considered experts in the field. We accompany the client through all stages, minor to complex, to ensure the maximum profit for the client.The property owner will save valuable time using City Market property management services. We will search for apartment renters and do all necessary marketing. In addition, we are able to provide referrals for professional companies in terms of remodeling or repairs of the property.

City Market always puts our clients first. We take care of the properties that we put on the market, using all the latest advertising platforms, including social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

As property managers, we save you from unnecessary details of renting your property out.Our responsibilities include:Knowledge of the property owner’s expectations with regard to the terms of the rental.Property enhancement – in terms of restoration, cleaning and arranging for the purpose of raising the rental potential.Marketing and advertising the property that provides maximum exposure on the internet.Legal services, including preparation and closing contracts, care guarantees / collateral and more.Maintenance – We have a variety of trusted professionals, available 24/7.Care and concern for the welfare tenants by maintaining the property.

We understand that buying investment property is a big expense that requires, at times, the use of savings and mortgages. We are here to take care of your investment and yield a return, above and beyond all expectations.Even if we are quick in finding tenants, we do not leave loose ends. All potential tenants go through a detailed background check to ensure a proper fit.

City Market – you came to the right address, whether it comes to buying property, renting, or management services. Our team of real estate professionals strive to provide the best service for our clients.


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